Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance

Because you can't afford the 'down time'

Most businesses take out insurance cover for assets that do not actively make them a profit - their plant, equipment, vehicles and buildings. But it is the human asset that, through initiative, drive, skill, specialist knowledge and ingenuity that can actively drive profits from the business.

A 'key person' is someone whose continued association with your business provides a significant and economic gain. A common example of a key person is an employee who is directly responsible for bringing in sales, or a person who holds the key technical expertise on which the business relies.

Key Person Insurance can replace the lost profit or capital value that the key person would have generated. The funds can be used to stabilise the business until a suitable replacement person is found and who is capable of being trained to have the same key skills.

Any business with a key person ...

should consider having Key Person Insurance

We recommend you discuss your situation with one of our experienced advisors, and consider all options before making any decisions regarding Key Person Insurance.

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