Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Because your family depends on you

It’s nice knowing your family needs you. It makes all the stress and grey hairs worthwhile... most of the time. But what if, for reasons beyond your control, you were no longer in the picture? What would you leave behind in terms of debt and financial responsibilities? How long would the family savings last?

Life insurance recognises how important you are to your family and helps protect your family’s lifestyle if something happens to you. It provides a lump sum payment if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

This lump sum payment could be used to pay off the mortgage and other outstanding debts, provide a lump sum that could be invested to provide an ongoing income stream for dependents, or help with estate planning.


If you have children, a mortgage, or any other debts...

there’s every chance you need life insurance


Talk to one of our advisors today. We can show you what types of insurance are available, work out how much you need, and help ensure your cover is structured cost-effectively.

We have policies available to suit all budgets which will protect your family should the unthinkable happen.

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